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Manufactured by: Shantui
International Certifications: EU, China, USA
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Year of Manufacture: 2023
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Description Shantui motor Grader SG21A-3

NEW Shantui SG21A-3 Motor Grader
This Motor Grader SG21A-3 full-drive motor grader is one kind of multi-function high efficiency construction machinery.
It can be used for leveling, ditching, scraping, bulldozing, ripping, land clearing and snow removing on large area
ground such as highway, airport, mine and farmland etc. It is necessary construction machinery for defense
construction, mine building, urban and rural road construction, water conservancy construction and farmland
improvement etc.

BLADE WIDTH 3660/3965/4270mm

The engine of Shantui motor Grader is reliable in performance and high in power and this provides the product with stable and reliable power output under various working conditions; Its powered by Dongfeng Cummins 6CTAA8.3-C215 China-II compliant inline, 4-stroke, direct injection, water-cooled, and turbocharged and intercooled diesel engine, featuring compact structure, stable performances, and high efficiency and energy-saving.
The high torque reserve enables the machine to output stable power under severe working conditions and meet your working needs.
The throttle adopts coordinated control and it possesses easy, convenient and reliable operation. The 6-speed gearbox with rational distribution of gear ratio provides the machine with 3 working speeds so that working reliability and flexibility are guaranteed.

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Easy maintenances
- The hydraulic pin puller cylinder can complete the operations of swing frame by merely one operator to eliminate all potential safety hazards and ease user's operations.
- The structural parts inherit the excellent quality of Shantui mature products.
- The electric harnesses adopt seamless corrugated pipes and deconcentrators for branching, featuring high protection grade.
- The maintenance-free battery installed on the rear of the machine features high power capacity.
- The core electric and hydraulic parts adopt imported products, featuring stable and reliable quality and extremely high reliability

Driving/ Riding Environment
- Industry first without Acolumn front F&R Cab, full-view driving environment system, good follow-up, greatly improving work comfort and work efficiency;
- The new whole machine shock absorption and noise reduction control technology, the noise value near the driver's ears can be reduced to 76dB, driving is more comfortable;
- High-power heating and cooling air conditioner, three-dimensional air duct, with the function of changing fresh air and maintaining positive pressure in the cab.

Working Adaptability
- Yes Equipped with load-sensing technology, temperature-controlled fan, blade obstacle avoidance and floating and other functions, and meet customer's personalized customization requirements; Slewing bearing structure working device, the ring gear rotates smoothly, the gap is free of adjustment, and the working accuracy is high;
- Front bulldozer, rear ripper, middle ripper, front ripper,4270mm/3965mm/3660mmL ength blade to meet the special needs of working conditions.

Power System
- SG21-C6 uses Weichai WP7 diesel engine with China III emission. / SG21-B6 uses Cummins 6CTAA8.3-C215 diesel engine with China II emission.
- It has compact structure, stable performance, high efficiency and energy saving.
- Large torque reserve ensures the stable output power of the machine under severe working conditions to meet your operational needs.

Operating Performance
- It has larger traction force in the same type of motor grader, and is more efficient than the same type of products;
- International leading control technology, lighter control force and short stroke; electronically controlled hand and foot dual throttle control to achieve one-button constant speed; electronically controlled walking control, smooth gear shifting, improved operating comfort, and reduced labor intensity;
- The three-stage adjustable console is adopted, which has a richer spatial posture and meets the needs of operators with different weights and heights.

All machines have passed the EU CE, France TUV, ISO quality certification.
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The specification of the Shantui motor Grader SG21A-3

Operating weight of machine (kg) 16900
Wheelbase (mm) 6560
Wheel tread (mm) 2155
Minimum ground clearance (mm) 430
Steering angle of front wheels (°) +-45
Articulated steering angle (°) +-25
Maximum traction force (kN) 95
Turning radius (mm) 8200 (Outer side of front wheel)
Maximum gradeability (°) 20
Width of shovel blade (mm) 3660/3965/4270
Height of shovel blade (mm) 635
Blade slewing angle (º) 360
Blade cutting angle (º) 44-91
Maximum digging depth of blade (mm) 500
Length (mm) 9430
Width (mm) 2600
Heigh (mm) 3400
Engine model 6CTAA8.3-C215
Emission China-II
Type Mechanical direct injection
Rated power/rated speed (kw/rpm) 160kW/2200rpm
Working pump Fixed displacement gear pump/or/displacement piston pump
Fixed displacement gear pump/or/displacement piston pump
Operating valve Integral multi-way valve
Drive system
Torque converter Single-stage single-phase three-element
Transmission Countershaft power shift
Gears Six forward and three reverse
Speed for forward gear I (km/h) 5.4
Speed for forward gear II (km/h) 9.4
Speed for forward gear III (km/h) 12.2
Speed for forward gear IV (km/h) 20.5
Speed for forward gear V (km/h) 25.4
Speed for forward gear VI (km/h) 39.7
Speed for reverse gear I (km/h) 5.4
Speed for reverse gear II (km/h) 12.2
Speed for reverse gear III (km/h) 25.4
Brake system
Service brake type Hydraulic brake
Parking brake type Mechanical brake
Brake oil pressure (MPa) 10
Hydraulic system
Working pump Constant displacement gear pump, with flow at 28ml/r
Operating valve Integral multi-way valve
Pressure setting of safety valve (MPa) 16
Pressure setting of safety valve (MPa) 12.5
Filling of fuel/oils/fluids
Fuel tank (L) 340
Working hydraulic fuel tank (L) 110
Transmission (L) 28
Drive axle (L) 25
Balance box (L) 2X23

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NEW Shantui motor Grader SG21A-3  | NEW-machinery
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Mileage Hrs/Kms: 0
Year of Manufacture: 2023
The price: P.O.A.

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