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Trailers » Ex.Military Trailers » Montracton 48 Low loader Trailer

Montracton 48 Low loader Trailer

Manufactured by:   Aerial     


Max-Load: 48 t
Wheelbase: 6x0
Condition: NEW
Price GBP Pounds Sterling: Request-a-Quote
Location: UK
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Montracton 48  Low loader Trailer
Montracton 48 Low loader Trailer // Aerial FOR SALE
Montracton 48  Low loader Trailer
Montracton 48 Low loader Trailer // Aerial FOR SALE

For more details (EX MOD) or pricing on this or any other item, please contact us by
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Materials and specifications are subject to change without notice.
Featured machines in photos may include additional equipment. The specification do not necessarily show the standard version of the machine.
Ask our manager for available options.
  1. General Terms
    All prices qoted are GBP U.K. Pounds Sterling Ex. Works excluding VAT where applicable and shipping / associated costs.
    Vehicles advertised are subject to remaining unsold.
    All prices quoted are based on "per individual unit" purchased, any reductions on advertised price for multiple item orders is subject to negotiation and is conducted at the time of inspection or provision of LOI.

  2. Shipping
    Shipping quotes are subject to confirmation from our shipping company and are usually valid for 30 days from receipt.
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  3. Payment terms
    All goods are sold EX. Works. FOB, CIF etc. is available on request. Sale Terms... Click to View Details
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